What do we do?

Inielectric has spent years researching in the field of electricity and is bringing this innovation closer to new projects in engineering.

Nuestra Investigación


Professors Carlos Roldán Blay and Carlos Roldán Porta, from the Polytechnic University of Valencia are the authors of the software “CRMag: Program for calculating and representing magnetic fields in electrical installations ".


The fundamental objective of the project is to adapt and bring the CRMag® software closer to the engineering companies for which it is intended.

% Diseño página web

With the aim of making the CREMIE project more visible, it was decided to create a WEB to make itself known in the business sector.


Launch of the new CRMag PLUS Software


En este apartado se creará un listado de proyectos de investigación en los que el grupo participa.


En este apartado se creará un listado de publicaciones y registros de resultados de investigación del grupo.